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Module Plus Real Estate Management and Maintenance Agency. We are selling real estate in the area of Medulin, Pula and other cities and towns in Istria. You can find real estate listings on our site - Real Estate For Sale . In addition to selling real estate, we also rent private accommodation on the area of Istria in Medulin, Pula and other destinations in Istria, and you can see our offer of apartments, villas and holiday homes on our web site here - Private Accommodation . Our business is the management of buildings and other real estate as well as their maintenance. For ease of data processing and communication between property owners and co-owners, we have developed an Module FM .

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Real estate for sale in Istria, Medulin, Pula and other cities. We do real estate brokerage in real estate sale and purchase.

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Real estate management and maintenance. We use the Module FM Property Management application. Read more about this in the article below.

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Module FM- Facility Management Application

A REAL ESTATE MANAGER is an application that enables online interaction between the BUILDING MANAGER, THE BUILDING REPRESENTATIVES and the CO-OWNERS of the BUILDING SPACE (flat, garage, office space, special premises). A tenant (co-owner) representative of the building reports to the manager of the building. The tenant representative records all the building and co-owner information and can modify it. The building manager enters reserve prices per unit of space (flat, garage, business or other space) and generates billing periods for all co-owners of the building. In this way, all co-owners can have an overview of all accounting periods, account balances, payments and debts. Co-owners can access all the information from any computer connected to the Internet at any time, can comment on decisions and notices from the bulletin board and vote for the decisions made. If the number of votes of the co-owners (per square footage of space) exceeds 50%, the decision is considered accepted. This way co-owners who live in another town or city can vote and make a decision about their building faster, along with their co-owner neighbors. TRANSPARENCY OF DATA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT and the rapid flow of information to each co-owner of the building as well as their representative will make life easier with the inevitable cost reduction. The ability to open a BANK ACCOUNT online and make an online payment to a reserve directly from your profile will speed up the process and reduce the loss of waiting time at the counters and banks. Co-owners of real estate coming from other countries will be able to edit and follow their profile in one of the foreign languages ​​such as ENGLISH, GERMAN, ITALIAN and SLOVENIAN.

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